El Zohar: 5 por From Obelisco

El Zohar: 5 por From Obelisco

Titulo del libro: El Zohar: 5

Autor: From Obelisco

ISBN: 8497774930

From Obelisco con El Zohar: 5

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The Zohar is undoubtedly the most well-known work of the universal mystical thought, and particularly of the Cabala; through its teachings and stories containing an impulsive vital force, only by reading this work it will change and transform your life at levels to which only a person who has made this incredible experience of scorching light can bear witness. Its teachings had an influence on the past history and they resound nowadays in all known religions. Rabbi Simon Bar Iojai and his pupils, beyond space and time, analyze, study and scrutinize the most profound and hermetic topics of human existence.