El Ano Zen par Henri Brunel

El Ano Zen par Henri Brunel

Titre de livre: El Ano Zen

Auteur: Henri Brunel

Date de sortie: October 1, 2005

ISBN: 8497163656

Éditeur: Olaneta

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Henri Brunel avec El Ano Zen

198pp , About the Author :: Henri Brunel is a French writer who lives his old age with his wife in Anjou. He was director of the institute, and professor of Yoga for over 35 years ... Their spirituality is marked by the monastic tradition and practice of Zen ... Among his books are : The Zen year, Zen Humor , The most beautiful stories Zen , Small treaty of happiness, the Little Book of monastic wisdom , Guia relaxation for those who do not have time , etc.The books Henri Brunel , an expert on Zen and yoga, have had an extraordinary acceptance public , probably because the author knows how to convey the essence of this ancient wisdom in a way that connects with today's reader .