Pirate Pete par Nick Sharratt

Pirate Pete par Nick Sharratt

Titre de livre: Pirate Pete

Auteur: Nick Sharratt

ISBN: 1406331910

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Nick Sharratt avec Pirate Pete

This is a piratical pop-in-the-slot picture book where the reader gets to decide the story! Ahoy there! Pirate Pete is about to set sail on a buccaneering adventure. What will he see in the sky and in the sea? And what's in the treasure chest? The reader decides! On each double page spread there are six cut-outs to choose from. Slot them into the picture to create a new story time and time again. Each spread has six different cutouts to choose from. Just slot the one you want into the picture to create your own story - time and time again.

A brightly illustrated and engaging story. Inspired and original, interactively practical, hands-on, easy to memorise and using a very popular subject matter - these are just some of the key ingredients that ensure that this is a terrific read for children. -- Martine Horvath * Early Years Educator *

Nick Sharratt is a popular children's book artist, well known for illustrating the books of Jacqueline Wilson. He has also written and illustrated many of his own books including My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh (9780744594997) and The Foggy, Foggy Forest (9781406327847) as well as Eat Your Peas, which won the 2001 Children's Book Award and Pants, which won the picture book category of the 2003 Children's Book Award. Nick lives in Brighton.