Friends... 'Till The End por David Wild

Friends... 'Till The End por David Wild

Titulo del libro: Friends... 'Till The End

Autor: David Wild

Número de páginas: 288 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 1, 2004

ISBN: 0755313216

Editor: Headline Book Publishing

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David Wild con Friends... 'Till The End

Friends...'Til the End is the official companion to one of the world's most popular sitcoms ever and includes exclusive interviews with all six cast members, the complete story of all ten seasons and a special section on the last episode. In spring 2004, fans of the series will say goodbye to Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey when the tenth and final season comes to an end. This fan's edition will be the must-have memento of the ten years we have spent watching their lives from the day Rachel jilted her husband-to-be at the altar and turned up at Monica's flat, to those last moments, and whatever they will bring. With luxurious printed endpapers featuring the cast's autographs, jacket, and a ribbon, this hardback will be a book to treasure for the thousands of dedicated of fans of the series in the UK.