The Edge of Human (Blade Runner, #2) par K.W. Jeter

The Edge of Human (Blade Runner, #2) par K.W. Jeter

Titre de livre: The Edge of Human (Blade Runner, #2)

Auteur: K.W. Jeter

Broché: 320 pages

Date de sortie: October 10, 2000

ISBN: 0553762672

Éditeur: Spectra

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K.W. Jeter avec The Edge of Human (Blade Runner, #2)

K.W. Jeter picks up the tale of Rick Deckard, the `blade runner' created by Phillip K. Dick and popularized by Ridley Scott's cult classic film.  Consistent with the sordid vision of 21st century Los Angeles crafted by Dick and Scott, Jeter creates a stylish piece of thrilling, futuristic suspense that finds Deckard not only in the role of hunter, but also hunted.  Again, Deckard is on the trail of an replicant, not knowing that it may be the most elusive and dangerous android of all.

From the Paperback edition.