The Miracle At Speedy Motors par Alexander McCall Smith

The Miracle At Speedy Motors par Alexander McCall Smith

Titre de livre: The Miracle At Speedy Motors

Auteur: Alexander McCall Smith

Broché: 256 pages

Date de sortie: January 8, 2009

ISBN: 0349119953

Éditeur: Abacus

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Alexander McCall Smith avec The Miracle At Speedy Motors

Excellent - you won't be able to tell the difference from new

The books possess a beguiling simplicity that is hard to convey without making them seem fey, when in fact they are direct, vivid and down-to-earth ... what he achieves in his No.1 Ladies (Detective Agency novels is the depiction in the lives of his main characters of a benign system of morality - derived by Mma Ramotswe from the old-fashioned ways of doing things')

DAILY TELEGRAPH ('Nothing spoils [McCall Smith's] vision of Botswana as a place where decent people triumph over mischief-makers')

SUNDAY TIMES (** 'The writing is as fluent and gracious as ever, and charmingly conveys the practical wisdom of much of African life')

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (** 'Written with the gentleness of its predecessors and with a charm that is quite exceptional in modern detective fiction')

From the Back Cover

The one with the poison pen letter

For the first time in her career as Botswana's no.1 lady detective, Mma Ramotswe suffers a blow to her faith in the goodness of humanity (and of her neighbours in particular) when she receives a threatening letter. But she does not let this swerve her from the sad plight of an orphan who appeals to her for help in finding her true family. Meanwhile, at Zebra Drive, Mma Ramotswe's beloved husband Mr J. L. B. Matekoni is searching for an expensive miracle for their own foster daughter Motholeli.

'Exceptional charm' Daily Mail
'Triumphant' Sunday Times

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Following a distinguished career as a Professor of Medical Law, Alexander McCall Smith has turned to writing full-time. He is the author of over sixty books on a wide array of subjects, and his books have been translated into forty-two languages. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife.