Piano Time 3: Bk. 3 par From Oxford University Press

Piano Time 3: Bk. 3 par From Oxford University Press

Titre de livre: Piano Time 3: Bk. 3

Auteur: From Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0193727889

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From Oxford University Press avec Piano Time 3: Bk. 3

Piano Time starts at the very beginning, with simple five-finger tunes for hands separately and together, many with duet parts. It gradually adds more notes and techniques to cover sharps and flats, simple scales and keys, and a range of dynamics and symbols.

The new revised edition of Pauline Hall's successful tutor-book Piano Time 3 is a big improvement on the original. Colourful, lively illustrations and redesigned pages make it visually more stimulating and clearer to read. While the general progression and pace is preserved, there is a wealth of new material (at the expense of some of the old), but overall providing greater choice and variety as well as increasing the amount of practice material available at every stage . . . Moreover, the web pages contain many new pieces to print out, providing extra supplementary material for all stages of the tutor . . . Teachers who are familiar with this series will find these newly-improved books rewarding to work from. (Katharine May, Music Teacher May 2005)

Pauline Hall graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and then taught in schools and privately. Whilst living and teaching in Harrogate she felt the need for a piano tutor which made learning fun, and which progressed at the pace of her slowest learner. She started by writing little tunes in pupils' notebooks, and these formed the basis of Tunes for Ten Fingers; the Piano Time series developed from this.